Most Australians appreciate the importance of mining to the economy, but too often the vital role that the smaller miners and mineral explorers play in the mining sector is overlooked and not fully understood.

Mineral explorers take their chances in the unforgiving Australian landscape to create the mines of the future. They are opening up the commodity streams essential to the future of Australia’s mining industry, whilst creating job opportunities and supporting communities right across the country.

By their very nature small miners and explorers have to be flexible and adaptable to change in often volatile markets. As adopters of innovative new technologies and practices they are playing a significant role in creating a more sustainable, efficient and environmentally conscious mining sector.

Australian Explorers is a platform dedicated to telling the story of these organisations – the explorers and small miners taking risks to grow the industry and the economy for the benefit of all in the true spirit of Australian industry and innovation.

Through this initiative, hear the stories from community members, industry scientists and professionals, employees and community partners in the nation’s cities and regions benefiting from mining exploration.