Mining and exploration have evolved quite a bit since the gold rush hay-day; from how we work out what is in the ground and where it is located, to the ways we mine it.

Meet Mick. Mick comes from a long line of Australian explorers and miners and is well versed in “the old ways” of doing things.

Mick has the opportunity to be involved with an exploration project, a chance to hit the jackpot! The series looks at Mick’s traditional (and not so traditional) ways of doing things as he looks to find the discovery of all discoveries.

Since Silicon Valley, start-up companies are often thought of as being solely tech companies, but a start-up, by definition, does not have to be tech-oriented. For Australian Explorers, start-ups have changed a lot over the years.

The results are in, and Mick has been invited to join an exploration team and have a crack at finding the next big discovery. What will Mick bring to the table?